January 24, 2014

Risks abound for computer users who continue with software that is outdated and unsupported, according to experts cited in a published report.

Production and financial profit stand to be sacrificed to cybercriminals who capitalize on users' pecking away on systems that have some sort of susceptibility that can be exploited, Gulf News reports the officials said. Effective software unit testing is one key method of making sure the programs remain strong and are vigilant against nefarious attempts to compromise safety and security.

"Cybercriminals often reverse-engineer released patches to check which flaws that have been addressed and use that knowledge to target older, especially unsupported version of the software," general manager Pradeesh VS with ESET Middle East told the publication.

The primary drive of negatively slanted mobile applications is stealing money and the unlawful acquisition of personal data runs as the secondary objective, the news source reports.

Users take on an exorbitant risk when they operate with software that is old and not supported. The number of attacks and their level of sophistication has been steadily climbing higher, making the challenges of confronting them even more difficult.

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