January 28, 2014

Computer users should be vigilant about the various online services that are offered as assistance with computers, such as software unit testing, an industry insider said.

Owner Kevin McClung with KPM Computer Solutions in Kansas said that many of the various pop-ups that arise are of concern and users should treat them as such, KAKE TV reports. He used an online service for a computer he built and that service informed him he was in need of 15 fixes.

"It's telling me I have some settings I need to change, internet settings, startup programs," McClung told the news source. "But it is kind of interesting on a clean load of windows, on a computer that's never really been connected to the internet it's going to be $50 for me to fix their problems."

McClung's advice is to capitalize on the assistance of a local store or benefit from help offered by a technician whom they trust.

Those options are markedly preferable as compared to implementing the online software that pops-up on computer screens, he told the news source.

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