January 28, 2014

The transportation department of a Northern California city is making the process of tracking buses simpler for users with the advent of new software, according to a published report.

Planning for rides will be that much easier with "My Santa Rosa City Bus," The Press Democrat reports. The program provides real-time information about arrivals and departures of buses, which will help people better plan their days.

"This really puts the power back in the hands of the rider," marketing and outreach coordinator Joy Gipson with CityBus told the news source. "When things slow down, it's important for people to know, 'Do I have 2 minutes or do I have 20 minutes?'"

The city has implemented all 34 of its buses with GPS tracking devices that send signals regarding their locations every several seconds. A program that benefits from software unit testing converts that information into data that users and riders can capitalize on for their benefit.

Further, the program also offers estimated arrival times to users, who may receive that information via text message. Receiving email alerts that inform riders about the busses' punctuality also is an option.

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