June 01, 2016

Portal Partner 5 Things Nobody Tells You About DevOps There are some harsh truths to employing devops. We have a look at them in this article. by Join For Free The DevOps Zone is DBmaestro . Learn more about what Continuous Delivery for the Database actually is and overcome mistrust issues. Bas Plum had a great article yesterday on DevOps.com where he lists the five harsh truths about DevOps. I will summarize his 5 points and add one of my own.

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VectorCAST for DevOps Testing - In the age of Internet of Things (IoT) product development, more than ever, time to market is critical. Reducing the code-to-deployment time requires much greater collaboration between teams. Yet surprisingly, many organizations are still operating in silos when it comes to product development.

VectorCAST Analytics - VectorCAST/Analytics provides an easy to understand web-based dashboard view of software code quality and testing completeness metrics, enabling users to identify trends in a single codebase or compare metrics between multiple codebases.

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