May 21, 2014

Google Test According to a recently-released Vector Software whitepaper, today’s developers have the opportunity to use off-the-shelf automated tools like VectorCAST to leverage a software testing infrastructure similar to Google’s.

In the book, “How Google Tests Software – Help me test like Google,” the authors share how Google’s software testing processes have evolved over time, finding ways to overcome bugs that resulted from incomplete testing. Some of the largest barriers to their success in the past included the manpower required to write lines of test code, the amount of maintenance necessary for the test code, and incomplete testing being performed by their developers.

On the road to overcoming these barriers, Google found that creating a well-defined team approach with continuous integration and testing where hyper incremental builds and testing are the norm and the primary responsibility for quality rests with the developers themselves.

From the Vector Software whitepaper, “The era of ‘build and break’, or other ad-hoc software testing methods, is over because the risks are simply too great to continue in this manner. In the span of just over a decade, Google’s test process and corporate culture surrounding software testing have become a center of excellence for the organization, and a standard that many companies aspire to achieve. While it is wise to understand the lessons of the Google model, the company does not have a monopoly on best practices for software test.”

Solutions like VectorCAST exist today, providing developers with an opportunity to develop similar software testing processes to Google. Download this whitepaper to learn some of these similarities and how to implement existing technologies to implement a Google-inspired software test model. 

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