January 24, 2014

Investment in software is going to be a key theme worth following this year, a worldwide software leader told The Houston Business Journal.

Venture capitalists' interests this year is likely to be geared toward software programs, global software leader Mark McCaffrey told the news source. That would seem to underscore the vital importance of deploying efficient and effective software unit testing.

"All companies are transforming themselves to be more customer-centric, and they need to do that through technology. Software companies are fulfilling this need and driving businesses values," the global software leader told the business publication, nothing the inexpensive and rapid turnaround of software companies. "From an investment standpoint, a VC can see that software is low in terms of capital investment, it can go to market quicker, and they can get a return on investment quicker."

In the Texas city, where healthcare and energy are king, momentum is on the march for software companies.

And that is a market circumstance that is likely to continue well into this year, he told the news source, noting the phenomenon is not particular to Houston but will permeate the U.S.

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