January 28, 2014

Businesses are increasingly embarking on new methods of monitoring the money they make, manage and remit to employees and elsewhere as efforts to control their finances, according to a published report.

The advent of software-as-a-service (Saas) is increasingly changing how some companies take on the task of controlling their finances, Venture Beat reports. Effective monitoring by those programs is helped by software unit testing.

"There is a huge trend toward the integration of cloud services into business services and enterprise adoption of cloud services beyond basic things," partner Michael Skok with North Bridge Venture Partners told the news source. "We are entering an era of 'outservicing' when businesses can pick the core business process they are good at and outsource everything else."

That underscores the importance of going with a quality program when it comes to taking care of financial services, which is applicable to companies ranging in size and capacity.

Some software that drives toward taking care of financial service matters also is able to replace the work that otherwise would be taken care of by accounting officials or human resource professionals, the news source reports.

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