May 02, 2014

Tax Notice According to a recent Mlive Media Group post, a software glitch within the Augusta (Mich.) Township’s tax system resulted in the wrongful distribution of delinquent property tax notifications to nearly 100 residents that paid their taxes on time.

The county isn’t required to submit delinquent tax notices to the state until June 1, which gives it plenty of time to repair the issue and avoid fines or other penalties to be distributed. Washtenaw County Treasurer Catherine McClary, said in the article, “The township treasurer acknowledged she had an error in the software and when we get it all corrected we should have a good list of who has paid. For anyone who has paid, the delinquent balance will go away. There’s no fraud, no money is missing and we believe the Augusta Township treasurer is competent and getting this fixed.

This isn’t the first time Washtenaw County has had software issues. Last year, they had similar issues when the BS&A Software used to keep track of taxes lost information during a database upgrade. Several residents that received the notices have been notified that their taxes are up to date and to disregard the faulty notice.

Business-critical software living within structures like the Augusta Township’s tax system should undergo proper unit and integration testing to avoid glitches like they recently experienced. While this incident was seamlessly resolved, future glitches or system downtime could result in significant financial ramifications. 

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