October 25, 2013

The results of defense software and embedded software systems often get a great deal of attention - but often, few realize the massive testing that allowed for such elegant products, according to one tech expert.

In total, testing for defense systems can often take up to half of the resources of a given project, Bernte Gauf, CEO of a defense technology firm, noted in Hispanic Business. In this vital task, there are no shortcuts - the very lives of many men and women involved are on the line, so the utmost assurance of quality is necessary.

There are many potential revolutions on the horizon, and automated testing could change a great deal. Still, in areas like C++ testing, it remains as essential as ever to diligently conduct a variety of important safety operations.

Looking back on the history of the process, the source notes, it's amazing to see how far it has come since the days of the General Motor's programmable robot arm's debut, and indeed, it provides hope for just how far it may go in the future. At this point, the standards are already in place that have helped to create innumerable important, safe products in a number of defense areas. Implementing the proper embedded software testing solutions will help ensure these standards are met.

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