September 30, 2014

RadarAccording to a recent press release, Federal Aviation Administration Deputy Administrator Mike Whitaker has announced that the FAA will hold a “Call to Action” summit to engage the aviation industry in meeting the January 1, 2020 deadline to equip aircraft with Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out avionics in the next five years.

The summit will bring the FAA and the aviation industry together to discuss how they can work together to identify potential barriers and successfully meet the deadline that calls to equip tens of thousands of aircraft with ADS-B technology. The ADS-B project will move aviation technology from a ground radar system to satellite-based GPS technology, aiming to increase safety and efficiency via a more accurate view of aircraft location. 

Whitaker said in the release, “The FAA has met its commitment and built the foundation for ADS-B. It is time for all users of the national airspace – avionics suppliers, aircraft integrators, operators and installers – to work together to ensure that all aircraft flying in controlled airspace are equipped with these NextGen avionics. The full benefits of increased safety and efficiency of the national airspace depend on 100 percent equipage.”

The FAA has completed the baseline ADS-B ground infrastructure with the deployment of 634 radio stations, serving as the building block for NextGen. Aircraft with ADS-B avionics are expected to enjoy added safety and efficiency, but first, the industry must work to ensure the software within the technology being implemented onto aircraft achieves maximum code coverage

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