July 31, 2014

1000 DestroyerAccording to a recent Raytheon news release, progress on the DDG 1000 Zumwalt-class destroyer continues to move forward, meeting key software and other program milestones on the path to Initial Operational Capability (IOC).

Raytheon is the prime mission systems integrator and is responsible for providing the multi-mission, integrated combat system capability for the program. One of the key milestones the program has achieved is a successful test readiness review of total ship computing environment software. This process involved providing code coverage for 550,000 software lines of code – developed, integrated, tested, and delivered – building on the TSCE baseline of more than six million lines of code, and representing the first formal delivery to the ship that includes the combat system software as well as hull, mechanical, and electrical ship control functionality.

Raytheon's Kevin Peppe, vice president of Integrated Defense Systems' Seapower Capability Systems business area, said about the program in the release, "Progress on milestones continues for the three ships of the class, in labs, at test facilities and dockside at the shipyard – it's an exciting and rewarding time for the program. The collaboration between industry and the Navy has been outstanding, all moving forward with a common goal – to bring this transformational ship class to life."

Since the program’s inception, Raytheon has delivered seven software releases totaling more than 6.5 million software lines of code and containing less than 1 defect per 10,000 lines, well under industry standards. This success rate, paired with the overall progress of the program, speaks to the attention paid to code coverage from start to finish.

Photo credit: General Dynamics Photo/US Navy

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