March 11, 2014

F-35 Fighter Jet According to a recent Department of Defense press release, continuous testing of implemented software is playing a critical role in the steady development of the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher C. Bogdan, told an audience at Aviation Week’s “Defense Technologies and Requirements Conference” that software development and continuous testing of that software is a key factor as the program progresses, especially as software is added for multiplatform fusion capabilities, one of the main modification goals for the aircraft. Bogdan said, “Even the smallest change to the software can have a big effect, so repeated testing is required to ensure any software modification works properly.”

Current capabilities allow the F-35s to survey the battle space, absorb information and provide the department a clear picture from an individual perspective. Further software development aims to ensure not only that two jets can assess and fuse the information, but also that multiple systems can share and process the data, such as F-22 Raptor fighters, Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft, B-2 bombers, satellites and ground stations.

As software additions and enhancements continue to be made to the F-35 program, continuous testing of this software will play a critical role in the program’s steady development of critical modification goals. 

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