February 11, 2014

ISS Auto ThrottleAccording to a recent company press release, Innovative Solutions & Support’s (IS&S) “Auto Throttle System and Standby Display Unit” has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certification (STC) following successful integration testing. 

The new auto throttle, which is incorporated into the Integrated Flight Management System, allows a pilot to control the power setting of the aircraft’s engines by setting a desired flight characteristic rather than manually controlling fuel flow, resulting in reduced costs. The software certification level for the new functionality is compliant with RTCA DO-178B level B. 

The system provides a Maximum Continuous Thrust, Speed Hold and Speed Protection Mode. When engaged by the pilot, the IS&S Auto Throttle system manipulates the throttles automatically to achieve and hold the manually selected airspeed. The IS&S Standby Display Unit measures, processes and displays attitude, airspeed, altitude, and heading and vertical speed information into an intuitive and concise display unit for operators. 

IS&S President Shahram Askarpour, said in the release, “These certified capabilities further demonstrate the robustness and versatility of the IS&S Integrated Flight Management System. The IFMS is a reliable platform for advanced navigation, performance calculations, communications information and airspace situational awareness for the pilot in an intuitive familiar format.” 

Thanks to successful integration testing, the IS&S Auto Throttle System and Standby Display Unit has received Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certification, adding to their aviation offerings.

Image credit: Business Wire

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