May 08, 2014

DDR According to a news release from the Hanscom Air Force Base (Mass.), the Air Force’s Dismount Detection Radar (DDR) pod successfully underwent its first fully-integrated test flight above Mojave, California, recently.

Mounted on the underbelly of an aircraft known as the Proteus, the DDR test ran ahead of schedule and within a couple of hours, was sending results back to the ground. This system will not be found on any operational remotely piloted aircraft or other intelligence the release notes, rather, the Air Force intends to use the DDR as a model for an open systems architecture radar design.

With this model in place, the goal is to demonstrate the ability of a third party developer to create software models for an original equipment manufacturer radar. Using open system architecture, the DDR will open the opportunity for competition among other potential developers which will ultimately acquire improved and more affordable technologies. Flight testing is expected to continue this summer to verify the third party’s mode in the DDR pod and to gauge the performance characteristics of the radar.

Capt. Nicholas Castro, DDR deputy program manager, said about the program in the release, "This represents a significant leap in radar capability, as well as OSA architecture and how we develop and acquire systems. This technology will play a significant role in future development programs."

The recent successful integrated testing of the DDR pod opens opportunity for further testing and the potential for third-party developers to create their own software models. 

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