October 21, 2015

The Discover FT video initiative introduces complex themes of disruption within business and finance. Andy Sharman, FT motor industry correspondent, examines the automotive industry and the possibility of a technology takeover.

>Read the source article at Starbucks and Fiat hit with back taxes

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Meeting ISO 26262 Testing Requirements for Automotive Software Systems - This video discuss' two main topics:  Understanding ISO 26262 requirements and how to meet those requirements in a timely fashion and Best Practices for Developing Software that can be more easily tested, regardless of your requirements.

Innovation Processing Power in Cars - Competition in the automotive industry is intense, and successful companies must constantly innovate by introducing new technology to differentiate and improve their brands.  As a result, today’s vehicles have evolved from mechanical devices into complex integrated technology platforms with embedded software powering all major systems including: engine control, power train, braking and airbags, driver assistance, and infotainment. 

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