August 12, 2015

Safety consciousness is on the rise. As more and more things become automated and connected, interest in functional safety in design is growing. Industrial, automotive, medical, civil infrastructure, and even home automation projects are increasingly demanding that safety features be built into the design. In fact, reliable network vendor TTTech estimates that by 2020 one half of embedded designs will be safety-relevant.

But if you've never been involved in safety-related design, where do you begin learning about it?

There are a couple of places to get started. For one, several industrial standards for safety-critical design exist, including DO178B/254 for avionics systems, ISO 26262 for automotive, IEC 61508 for electronic and programmable systems, and IEC 13849 for machinery control systems. Reading through any of them can serve as a starting point as they have many similarities in their design assurance processes.

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