2016 Software Testing Technology Report

The 2016 Annual Software Testing Technology Report reveals that the number one software development challenge that organizations are currently facing is time pressures to release new products/upgrades to market, while the most pressing concern is software quality. This comes at a time when in addition to regulated industries that have long been mandated to perform thorough software testing, there are now many industries engaged in business-critical software development that have a directive from end users to ensure that software is of the highest quality, and operating without disruption.

The research sponsored by Vector Software, is designed to capture the thoughts of industry leaders on relevant issues regarding software development and testing. The full report reveals respondent’s insights on key software development areas including:

  • What trends users are embracing in the real world
  • What users are really interested in learning more about
  • What are the projects that the market plans on addressing in the near future
  • What actual capabilities are of interest to them now

Our survey provides many more findings on a wide variety of key topics such as: the types of testing done before product release, test automation, time spent on bug fixes versus building new features, Internet of Things (IoT) development and related security concerns, and how the market is currently testing software for security vulnerabilities.

Deeper analysis into specific audience segments including: management, developers, test engineers, and QA teams are also available in the report. The complete analysis is available for downloading below.