VectorCAST Release 6.1c

VectorCAST version 6.1c was released today and is available for download. As is true with all VectorCAST letter releases, it contains mostly bug fixes. However there are also some noteworthy items in this release:

  • The pale yellow color used in the Coverage Viewer for partially covered branches has been changed to a darker, more readable orange.
  • The coverage bars used to display the percent of coverage achieved (all VectorCAST products) and to display the percentage of environments that have built and executed successfully (VectorCAST/Manage) has changed. Previously the bar was shaded both green and red to indicate the percent of coverage achieved (green) and not achieved (red). Now the bar is green and white. In VectorCAST/Cover, instrumented files with no coverage are displayed with a white bar, while a source file that is not instrumented has no coverage bar, as before.
  • Improved keyboard access to the Parameter Tree in VectorCAST/C++ and VectorCAST/Ada. The following list summarizes how to use the various keystrokes:
    • To move focus from one item to another in the Parameter Tree, use the Up-arrow or Down-arrow
    • To expand a node in the Parameter Tree, press the right-arrow key
    • To check a box for a subprogram under the <<SBF>> node and expand its parameters (C/C++ only), press the Spacebar
    • After entering a value in the Input Value column, press the Tab key to accept the value and move to the Expected Value column
    • When entering a value for an enumerated value, start typing the first few letters in any case. Use the Shift+Up-arrow or Shift+Down-arrow to scroll to the enumerated value you want. Press Tab to accept the value and move to the next cell
    • A new “Clean” option has been added to VectorCAST/Manage which removes the build and execution status, as well as any coverage data from selected environments that are in work areas under Manage control (environments that have been migrated). Cleaned environments have no results data and have a gray icon, indicating they must be built and executed.
  • A green checkmark has been added next to any example environments on the Welcome Page that have been previously built
  • A new icon in VectorCAST/Manage indicates which environments have not been migrated to a VectorCAST/Manage work area. The environment icon has a small “shortcut” arrow in the left corner.

For more details on this release, refer to the release notes.

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