VectorCAST 6.1k

VectorCAST version 6.1k was released earlier this week. It contains a large number of bug fixes, as well as a small number of enhancements. These enhancements will also be available in version 6.2b, due out very soon.

  • Speed improvements have been made to any VectorCAST/C++ environment containing configure stubs user code. Both harness generation and saving configure stubs user code are significantly faster in this release.
  • New report options have been added so that compiler and linker version information can be added to the Full Report. Previously only the compiler and linker commands were shown (if the option was set to show them).
  • A new report option to include Notes/Requirements in the Full Report has been added. It is on by default, as that was the previous behavior. Now it is controlled by an option.
  • A new Ada RSP target option for users to supply an alternate I/O package specification is now available.
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