unrecognised token error

I am facing this unrecognized token error  while setting environment.

Actually i need to add two files in vectorcast for testing one is like Diap.c and the other is DIAP_valeo_rdid_stubs.c .If i add " DIAP_valeo_rdid_stubs.c" file it is throwing unrecognised error in that error i found
a different file (.tu.c extension) DIAP_valeo_rdid_stubs.tu.c is shown.

DIAP_valeo_rdid_stubs.tu.c and vectorcast_preprocess.c these two files I coudn't find any where in the enivonment and also in whole project folder.

I tried DIAP_valeo_rdid_stubs.c file as empty and added to the vectorcast same error displayed.

But without DIAP_valeo_rdid_stubs.c its working fine .

Please support on the same.

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