Syncore Relies on VectorCAST to Support DO-178B/C Software Testing Requirements

The development team at Syncore Technologies needed an automated software test solution that would help them reduce their regression and re-testing efforts and provide evidence for DO-178B/C certification.


Syncore selected the VectorCAST test automation platform to support the DO-178B/C software testing requirements on several Saab Aircraft flight systems.


Syncore Technologies, based in Linköping Sweden, specializes in the design and development of safety-critical embedded systems for aerospace, industrial, and military applications. Working with Saab Aircraft, Syncore Technologies has developed a number of separate aircraft systems in accordance with the DO-178B/C.

Syncore’s development team chose the VectorCAST test automation platform for its ability to effectively test source code, easily create continuous test environments, and comply with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) software development guidelines.

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