SsangYong Motor Simplifies Software Quality Process with VectorCAST

In 2011, SsangYong Motor Company began managing a functional safety response taskforce and needed to adopt a test solution that would easily integrate with their existing QA∙C static analysis tool from PRQA and help them meet ISO 26262 compliance.

SsangYong chose the VectorCAST platform for its complete fidelity with the PRQA tool and its excellent reputation for unit testing, system level testing, and structural coverage analysis.

SsangYong Motor Company is the fourth largest South Korea-based automobile manufacturer. Headquartered in Seoul, SsangYong Motor got its start building jeeps for the US Army. Since 1963, the company has supplied automobiles and commercial vehicles to the Asian and global automotive market. VectorCAST gives SsangYong developers the ability to verify ISO 26262 compliance for software delivered from suppliers as well as assuring compliance as components are integrated into the complete automobile.
Ssangyong Motor Company
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