Software Under Pressure

In order to effectively comply with IEC 61508 Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic (E/E/PE) Safety-related Systems, Endress+Hauser Level and Pressure Division needed to demonstrate that its development processes and product characteristics met the requirements of the IEC 61508 safety standard.


The VectorCAST automated embedded software testing and code coverage tools allows E+H to identify software quality issues early in the development cycle and to provide the necessary IEC 61508 SIL 3 certification evidences.


Endress+Hauser is an industry leading supplier of industrial measurement and automation systems, providing services and solutions for industrial processes all over the world. Vector Software's embedded software testing applications VectorCAST/C++ for unit test automation and VectorCAST/Cover code coverage analysis tools are a vital component of E+H's safety critical software development process.

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