Rocketing into Orbit using VectorCAST Automated Testing

As part of the development of the Vega Advanced Generation European Carrier Rocket program, Telespazio needed an Ada software test tool that would meet software validation and identify and solve software quality issues early in the development cycle.


The development team at Telespazio selected VectorCAST to perform unit level testing and code coverage analysis on its software applications written in Ada.


Telespazio is a leading company in the design and development of space systems, launch services, in-orbit satellite control, integrated communications, satellite navigation, and other scientific programs. The company has played a key role in the development of the European Space Agency (ESA) Vega Advanced Generation European Carrier Rocket program. Vega is an expendable launch system designed to launch small payloads into Polar and low Earth orbits. In order to meet software validation and provide high quality software for the Vega program, Telespazio uses the VectorCAST automated test platform to perform Ada unit testing and coverage analysis at unit level.

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