Powering ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION to EN 50128 compliance

In an effort to streamline the Verification and Validation process, ŠKODA ELECTRIC was faced with the challenge of replacing their internally developed test framework. The framework was used during the unit test phase in conjunction with several free code coverage tools that proved to be unsuitable for embedded software testing. The solution needed to fully support and be integrated with their existing embedded development environment.


Following an extensive evaluation process, ŠKODA ELECTRIC determined that Vector Software's VectorCAST embedded software testing solution not only supported their embedded development environment, but also offered a complete solution for unit, integration, and system test, as well as code coverage and regression testing.


By employing VectorCAST, software defects are now detected faster, leading to greater productivity and quality. ŠKODA ELECTRIC is now able to quickly deliver results in a form suitable for auditors during the process of validation.

Success Stories