Keeping Siemens Elin-EBG on Track

ELIN EBG Traction GmbH, a subsidiary of Siemens, is a supplier of state-of-the art traction equipment for all types of rail vehicles. The ELTAS (ELIN Traction Automation System) components can function as vehicle or traction control units or as a combination of both, and are designed for use in trains.

Elin needed to certify the ELTAS software to the IEC-61508 standard. IEC-61508 is an international standard of rules entitled "Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems."


VectorCAST/C++ provided ELIN an intuitive interface to construct unit test cases and provided an integrated environment for implementing and executing tests as well as reviewing the associated code coverage. This was an improvement over the commercial testing tools that were previously used on this same project.


ELIN EBG Traction GmbH, a subsidiary of Siemens has been using VectorCAST products on projects such as ELTAS since 2007. Products used include: VectorCAST/C++, VectorCAST/RSP, and VectorCAST/MCDC.

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