Keeping the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer Soaring

BAE needed to certify Ada95 and C/C++ software for the Hawk advanced jet trainer Mission Computer. The certification needed to meet DO-178B Level A requirements.


VectorCAST/Ada provided the most automated solution available for the unit and integration testing of complex Ada95 code. BAE Systems used VectorCAST for their continuous build and integration process. This process requires a fully automated regression test environment that could verify the regression testing of their code. Additionally, the off-the-shelf Tool Qualification Documents provided by Vector Software, were also used to quickly and easily allow BAE Systems to certify their system to DO-178B.


BAE has been using VectorCAST products on projects such as the Hawk advanced jet trainer since 2002. Products used include: VectorCAST/Cover, VectorCAST/C++, VectorCAST/Ada, VectorCAST/RSP and VectorCAST/Requirements Gateway, as well as the VectorCAST DO-178B qualification materials for these products.

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