Keeping Bell Flying High

Bell Helicopter needed to certify two software systems for the commercial Bell 429 helicopter, the newest and most advanced commercial model offered by Bell Helicopter. The Flight Control Computer software required DO-178B Level A certification. The Aircraft Data Interface Unit required Level B certification. Because of the short schedule for testing, Bell needed an efficient and cost effective way to perform low-level requirements verification testing and to achieve FAA certification.


Bell used the VectorCAST/C++, VectorCAST/RSP, VectorCAST/MCDC as well as the associated qualification materials for these tools to achieve certification of the Bell 429.


Bell Helicopter, a subsidiary of Textron, has been using VectorCAST products on projects such as the Bell 429 since 2000. Products used include: VectorCAST/C++, VectorCAST/RSP, and VectorCAST/MCDC. Bell has cited ease of test case development and execution as well as flexible reporting options as key elements in the successful use of VectorCAST.

Bell Helicopter
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