EADS uses VectorCAST for DO-178B Development

EADS Defence Electronics in Germany is developing avionics software for the A400M Military transport, as well as the "Eurogrid Tactical Maneuver Computer - Graphical Elevation Processor (GEP)"for the Eurocopter Tiger helicopter. The challenge was to achieve DO-178B structural coverage using minimal time and resources.


VectorCAST was chosen because of the tight integration with the Green Hills environment and the high level of automation provided. On the Eurocopter Tiger project for example 99.55% Level C Coverage was achieved in 2.5 months using VectorCAST.


EADS has been using VectorCAST products on projects such as the A400M and Tiger since 2004. Products used include: VectorCAST/Cover, VectorCAST/C++, and VectorCAST/RSP, as well as the VectorCAST DO-178B qualification materials for these products.

Success Stories