Aero-Mach Labs uses VectorCAST for DO-178B software testing

As part of the design and development of their Cabin Pressure Triple Indicator (CPTI) unit, Aero-Mach Labs needed to be able to provide certification artifacts that would demonstrate that the CPTI’s software had been developed in accordance with DO-178B guidelines.


Aero-Mach selected Vector Software’s VectorCAST/C++ together with the VectorCAST/RSP for the Code Warrior tool chain to support their unit and integration testing.


Aviation companies around the world depend on Aero-Mach Labs for aircraft instruments and fuel system components. Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Aero-Mach Labs has built its reputation as a quality repair facility for aircraft instruments. Over the years, Aero-Mach has developed design and manufacturing capabilities for a broad range of products for OEM customers and is an FAA certificated repair station (NU2R044L) for instrument Classes 1 through 4 and for fuel system accessories. As required by DO-178B, Aero-Mach Labs uses VectorCAST to perform module and integration testing in the development of their Cabin Pressure Triple Indicator (CPTI).

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