Debugging with Eclipse IDE using C programs
MIN MID MAX Generated testcases actual and expected values
MIN MID MAX Generated testcases actual and expected values
VectorCAST doesn't find QNX700 types and function
How customize HTML report
how to resolve the error if ## is there in code
Is there a command for adding only MIN value and MAX value test cases
Automatic test case for Unit Testing
Automatic test case for Unit Testing
Testing base class public function through the environment of derived class
ctc E209: ["Test.c" 142/1] #pragma nomisrac: empty stack
Extra configuration file
How to get the execute report to show std::cout values?
Compiler for ARM Cortex M0+
Can yu stub cout to check its output?
How to make coverage to false case for for-loop
Instrumented Harness Link Failure after Rebuild environment
Disabling a node point for one test case but leaving it enabled for others?
Update VectorCast environment to modified source code
file name with dot
How to open existing environments in vector cast manage
How to update local variable values in vector-cast tool
VectorCAST Ada - Multiunit Whitebox Testing
Infineon Aurix 39xx Tasking 6.2XX Compiter Environment Building Failed
VectorCast Toolbox for Matlab
Integration testing
Stub a static function is a same file
Generate .tst file using command line
How to write user code for running a loop for 30000 times
VectorCAST Plugin in Jenkins Pipeline
About Integration testing
xml format report for Jenkin server
Does a multi-environment creation script or wizard exist?
unable to open environment
Interface test, error guessing and fault injection
compilation error
Compiling Fail but no Errors
Vector cast not opening
Printf undeclared Issue
How to Use Expected Value of a Variable As Expected Value of Another
Access argument in user code
Random Instrumented Harness Link Failure
How to get a value from given address by stubbing sscanf function in vectorcast
Could not parse QNX7 cstring
VectorCast Execution Problem for Alloc function in C language
ADA Array starting at index 0
How to acces structure member through return of function pointers
C++ file UT compilation issue in Vector Cast generated file
vector cats
Could not open environment when using QNX compiler
Unable to redefine a macro used in a constant variable
How to leverage floating point tolerance from user code?
Vector cast support for IAR 8.x
Executing a test case with coverage without debug
How to build environment using Host compilers (MinGW (C))
_intrinsic type
how to gather all required .h files for .c files
Problem launching debug
Customization of Unit Test Report
Storing results by individual tests
Initialising Function Pointers
Compound test iteration unexpected behavior
Reagrding Batch Execution of Intregation and Unit testing
Tasking Tricore v4.2r2 supported by Vectorcast?
How to suppress vectorcast errors
It is posible to import a module baseline from DOORs?
stub a templated function in a header
Possible to automatically fill-in ClassPtr fields?
VectorCAST Ada - Test failing in batch mode
parse error near 'volatile'
Vector cast compilation issue
Branch and Statement coverage differs in VectorCAST reports
windriver compilation
How to automatically stub required files in includes
Software Integration testing:State transitions
Database missing or inaccessible
multiple definition of `__sputc_r'
multiple definition of `__sputc_r'
How To Build My Project with Instrumented Source Files
How to remove the redundant requirements
Flexlm Error: No feature exist(feature: vectorcast/manage for linux)
How to check the expiry of VectorCAST license?
Unable to write alls the Floating Points digits
Environment rebuild fails
Facing issues while creating Test Environment for C++ code using GNU Native C++ compiler
loop "for" for 0x1000 times
loop "for" for 0x1000 times
Frequent "Segmentation Violation" raised signals with no apparent reason
Coverage in header files
How to create a VectorCAST cover project with .hpp files?
Finishing test case by user code.
Access denied error during instalation of VectorCAST
Help with error
How VectorCAST computes the Statement coverage
Parse error while building the environment - VectorCAST/C++ 6.4n
Hardcode address of a parameter
createing automatic test case generation based on decision paths, probe points for fault injections, MISRA support etc.
VC Build Process Hangs in Linking Instrumented Harness
Regarding accepting macro value in an unsigned int variable
Sync Visual Studio C++ vcproj with VectorCAST .bat file
Error: Range data is unavailable
choose compiler issue when creating new environment under vcast
To change the value of a variable inside the while loop
To change the value of a variable inside the while loop
Environment failing to build on missing definitions from .hpp headers
VectorCast Cosmic 68HC12 compiler configuration
How to use VectorCAST to integration test objects created by a factor in C++?
How do I use VectorCAST to test for memory leaks in C++?
Environment creation failed when Upgrade from Vectorcast 6.4.2 to Vectorcast sp3.2018
VectorCAST with Jenkins
VECTOR CAST check call to void methode stubbed, methode no parameter.
Vectorcover Auto report generation
Relative path and preprocessor issue
No access to TQ-System files
Set the input parameter of unsigned char array
How to test an abstract class function
Running VectorCast on a virtual machine
unsigned char* is converted to string type
Unable to get NULL Value from new operator
Support for VectorCAST/LInt
Linker error when running regression script
Regarding Tool input
IAR copilation issue
Exec format error on target execution
Compilation Error :
How to verify the address function pointer which act as a stub function
How to resolve Abnormal test case termination
How to resolve Incomplete type in template
How to resolve undefined reference in template
Is there any procedure to perform c++ testing with .cpp and .h files together
Testcase User Code not working with Parameter Tree
Adding user code
Error executing test harness to detect type and range data
clicast how to create Aggregate reports for each unit?
Environment build fails with manage, but success with GUI
NULL pointer as parameter for an array
Choose number of cores
Combination testing and User Code
Preprocess Failed error while building with Min G W compiler
How to set input and expected values for void pointer parameters ?
VectorCAST Software License Key
Testing header only class (C++)
Regenerate vector cast environment for regression testing
Compilation error
not checking environment builder- current directory not writable message
#error clnk cosmic.lkf:1 symbol _PPAGE not defined
Test-specific user code
how to create new global object
Stub functions is required to build an environment
Macro from unit not under test is showing in unit under test coverage
IAR linker errors VCAST 2018
Regression scripts fail to recreate original environment
possible heap size issue
VectorCAST/Cover dump buffered data on function exit
assembly code using vc tool
Unable to include a macro include
VectorCast on IAR Simulator IAR IDE debugger problem
LINT Analysis
Java source coversage?
Testing a source file that relies on obfuscated code
License services going down abruptly
"The environment you are trying to open is disabled." popped out when i'm trying to open a successfully built enviroment
Miss User Globals variables
csv map
user code
how to add __attribute__((always_inline)) in defined variables
preprocessor and cmath refined
Accessing Variables with Probepoints
Template class inheritance test (C++)
Time out after 20 second
How to stub a subprogram not part of any package?
Environment creation for Ada subprogram not part of any package
How Can I avoid or stub the test case failure due to throw function call
build with makefile
String operations in Vector cast
"__builtin_addressof" is undefined
Control Flow issue
Function returns macro
Environment Creation Failed
User Code Disappearing for ADA Testing
Full Parse Failed "xxxxx.tu.cpp
Trigger external Scripts in Test
Failed To Parse error during Environment Build
What should I do to use the macros of the RTE-Interfaces?
vector cast6.4n is not updating to 6.4x
How can I allocate smart pointer as input parameter of constructor?
Repeated timeouts When Testing ANY inline assembly code within .c file
Failed to build environment with Green Hills PPC Integrity 178B Sim
Coverage turns line number comment into #include
Changing content of global const array by user code (C)
Vector Cast Solution FIle
IAR Configuration
VectorCast RSP with Xilinx
clicast terminates in an unusual way.
vectorcast Abnormal Test Case Termination.
Relative path headers
Exit a test case cleanly but not the test harness
How to disable Test Harness Optimizations for Probe Points
strtok_r missing
Nontrivial copy construction or nontrivial destruction is not permitted
Is it possible to change the values of a static const defined in the UUT?
How to make a bulk change to tests?
Testing parallel functions
Environment creation issue
Error debugging with Eclipse MinGW
.vce file association
Environment creation
I don't understand why I'm getting these Linker Errors.
How to write a value to a MPC5554 Register
Ho to write a value to a register variable for MPC5554 Controller
Vector Cover coverage issue on MPC5553 controller
warning message after lauch vectorcast
Any example to test c++ constructor
Is it possible to declare a pointer to a 16 bit unsigned int under USER Variables.
VectorCast POSIX Thread support
How to create .VCM file
unrecognised token error
How to a large number of input data (more than 1000)
How to change the list value limit
Segmentation Voilation
Preprocessor commnad in VectorCAST/Cover
How to signal the end of Test coverage for Coverage
Testing in conditional compilation
Compiling and linking assembly file
Compiling and linking assembly file
Stubbing std::ofstream::open
code coverage view
How to reset the Global variables to default before every test
Functional testing
algorithim testing
macro as global output
Using User Global Var for more then one Testcase
How to avoid the vectorcast crashing when event is increased?
how to add user code for user type variable in the test case?
Multiple variable data input of struct
some Files got changed then how to reflect these changes in current environment
Testing of Threads
Testing of semaphores
VectorCAST/Cover Add result error
Pragma error
how to override static local variable
Pragma error for ASM code
No compiler selection option for Cortex-M7
Error importing the script (Value Line Error - Command Ignored)
Wrong answer on executing a test case but getting correct answer when executing and debugging using IAR compiler
How to delete the duplicate testcases in test script???
Function test case name
Passing multiple values to a return value of the stub
VectorCAST Attribute Useses
multiple inputs in a field
*_vcast_appendix.c: No such file or directory
Target Environment:Problem starting the harness execution
regression script
Speed up build and execute
VectorCAST/Manage: move environment
Using of Vectorcast with QNX
Aggregate coverage report from a manage project
Aggregate coverage report from a manage project
discard MCDC instrumentation -Vectorcast ADA
Abnormal test case termination after executing on Green Hills NEC v850 simulator
Code coverage unit test - unmatched results
Microchip XC8 compiler related issues
Microchip XC8 compiler integration
Boost Libraries in VectorCAST
VectorCAST C++, Resource DLL, CString::LoadString
one c file function calling second c file function, Test excution is failed why ?
what ever function is returned argument, that argument how to pass another function argument.
how pass function pointer argument in a function
How to pass input parameter string value is null
How do I feed the outputs of one UUT into the inputs of another UUT
How to test some functions depended on another functions
__interrupt with VectorCast
Licence Problem
How to set the data for protected or private member variables of an object
Accessing Global Static variables and expecting
Input value cannot run from 0 to 65535
Modify global variable during execution
VectorCAST/Ada preprocessing - AdaCore Gnat Pro
Add function free() in Library Stub in c++ when we have one more function with same name in environment.
Displaying 'Extra Event' under CONTROL FLOW section in the report
EDG parser
Expressions line `<<MAX>> - 1` on expected values dont yield the xpected results. How can I solve it?
how we can check the address of Static variable?
No coverage after successfully executing testcase
C++ Coverage Reports Filtered by Subprogram
How to get the code line Numbers before instrumenting Vectorcast coverage?
How Static array can be accessed from testcase
How to modify constant data to achieve coverage?
FLEXlm Error while bulding environment
Regarding Vectorcast Execution report
Creating/generating test cases for a C++ class constructor
Pointers equivalence comparison
Access member of a void * pointer
Vector Cast 6.4 to 6.3
Environment built successful but got "error: range data could not be generated"
VectorCast on Windows 10
VectorCast plugins for different languages
Environment compilation error
Custom tools arguments
c++ code coverage instrumentation error
c++ code coverage instrumentation error
selecting/deselecting a part of code
Regarding Control Flow
Console commands error
How can I stub delete operator to throw an exception?
VectorCast unidentified token
Compiler selection
Special features in Test Case Script file (.tst)
Modification of test specification file in an editor
Visibility of static variables in a multi-UUT environment
Reading a large input binary image file (5 MB) for unit testing a function/method in VectorCAST/C++
Initializing the global array
'Maximum MC/DC sub-conditions' option is currently set to 8
How to get all the necessary header files
Test if function is called or not
Failing to execute all the test cases at once
All testcases deleted without warning
Share an instance in a compound test
How can I test if read data from some address?
How can I view code coverage for destructors?
Vectorcast linker error
Code coverage project
Freescale MC9S12ZVL microprocessor support
User Code Tag for types question
Expect no call
Local variable value changes after being initialized within a test
_assert in vectorcast
VectorCast Full Report with and without coverage
Can We add custom names in reports generated
Code warrior integrity
Error with #pragma define_type_info - vxworks
How to redefine macro from include file
Debugging VectorCast unit tests using Eclipse
VectorCAST/Cover injects conversion error for Bitwise operation.
Type of a structure is "user"
User Code editor closes on key 'Alt Gr'
Transfer Stub Code or User Code between environments
Include/Exclude code fragments by #define and #ifdef
Relative dependency data directory
How to make protected functions visible in parameter tree in ADA Host?
Can we use vector cast 6.2i for PIC32MX564F128H controller?
Abnormal Test Case Termination
error: ‘union <anonymous>’ has no member named ‘__sigaction_handler’
Size of object is too large in ADA environment.
Managing MCDC coverage gaps
How to bypass compiler specific statements during environment creation
Weird problem with struct containing CDWordArray
License server too old for Lint analysis
eclipse plugin
Test a function with a function pointer
Customizing report
how to use structure user code in Vector cast.
how to use structure user code in Vector cast.
how to use structure user code in Vector cast.
How to see output of printf in VectorCAST6.0k using TI ccs4?
VectorCAST harness compilation issue
Approach for verifying Control Coupling
How to test inside a for loop?
What is Event no. in vector cast ?
Error: Range data is unavailable. Check to see if the DATA_IF_ executable is craching.
Setting list of values in the user code
Redirecting standard output on VxWorks target?
Multiple calls to one function
Redefine a buffer in VectorCast
VectorCAST/Cover integrate with Simulink Auto-Code
how VectorCAST support of Fault Injection Test?
How VectorCAST support automation with scripting language ?
How to Customize Report in VectorCAST as per user need...
NI Labwindows CVI compile and linking errors
Regression Scripts
Speeding up ADA vector cast testing
Adding a Testcase user code.
Build issues
Automating target reboot procedure in VxWorks Single parition
Help Needed :Activating Animation covrage in VCAST6.0
Linker error with Vsual studio 2008
Expecting outputs with some delay
Abnormal Termination while testing Boundary values
Regarding .lib file linking
Execcuting Regression scripts of one version in another version
Build Error
Smart pointer reference support in vector Cast
How to stub the fopen function.
Stubbing a macro
Building with a non listed Compiler in Vector Cast
Verification of Enum Type of variable using Vector Cast
Verifying Enum, Structure Declarations through Vectorcast
How the INVALID_COVERAGE_LINES.LOG will get created in environment
VectorCAST/Jenkins Integration using Incremental Rebuild
Testing inline functions in header file using GNU comiler
Max number of events
System testing
VectorCAST coverage for assigning value to memory address
How to return test result from regression script run
Compiling the instrumented file into build
Forcing Garbage on Stack before UUT Function is executed
Aggregate coverage report at a particular folder level
VectorCast installation on Ubuntu
FlexLM on Windows and VectorCAST client on Ubuntu Linux
Help Needed : Getting "VectorCAST was unable to perform the action : CLICAST - RUN_TEST_CASE -ADA.IO_EXCEPTIONS.NAME_ERROR
How does VectorCAST C/C++ handle global objects across multiple compound test case slots?
Interfacing Test Cases with the Vector-CANTech CAN Driver
Can I use ANT build files with Compiler Integration Wizard?
Error while inserting an element in MAP
Is it possible to use VectorCast on the full software
How to convert VectorCAST 3.1 environment to VectorCAST 6.1?
How to write user code to checking condition is equal to NULL
How to create test cases for template class in a header file
How to test a time out value of a timer class?
Greenhills Ada: Manual effort required to overcome VectorCAST's inability to deal with multiple ADA.LIB files
Infinite loop
Folder Structure of auto generated files
Where to write a User Code prior to execution of a compound test cases?
Can I configure for report generation at some other folder other than VectorCAST UI
How to maintain VectorCAST projects at server
Instrumenting the template functions for MPC82xx/MPC55xx targets using vecor cover
CSV map script
Testing VC++ project in VectorCAST
Unit test migration issues
Test Execution Cancelled - input line exceeds Maximum String Length
Is it possible to create custom directory structure for a unit testing project
license manager error
Abnormal test termination in unit tests for functions with string parameter
Code coverage buffer dump mechanism
VEctorcover consider the conditional compilation during preprocessing
how vectorCAST C/C++ help to unit test inline assembly code
VectorCAST C/C++: Viewing Implicitly Stubbed Modules
Vectorcast Ada Infinity comparison fails
Error while stubbing the start routine of a thread
VectorCAST Manage: Full Status vs Other Reports
How to test using multithreaded approach
Target connected through JTAG
Value Representation of NaN (Not a Number)
Abnormal Test Termination
Unable to debug VC++6.0 code in vectorcast 6.1c
Troubleshooting Corrupt Output File with 'I/O uses stdout only' Enabled
How to do regression Testing?
"Running Grun" coming indefintely when running unit test cases
Testing QT project units
Can I suppress VectorCAST "event" recording?
Inline function stubbing
Is it possible to display Test Case User Code Expected Values in a test report without displaying all events?
Stubbing stdlib exit() Function