On the road with Steve Barriault: Trying To Keep Cool On The Road

On the road with Steve Barriault: Trying To Keep Cool On The Road

| By Steve Barriault | May 05, 2015

This picture is from my trip last April. April is the beginning of summer in India, and the heat was steadily turned on. Temperatures can reach well over 40 degrees Celsius there (104°F). I remember...

How to Use Test Coverage to Raise Release Quality

How to Use Test Coverage to Raise Release Quality

| By Lynda Gaines | April 27, 2015

We continuously work with customers to help them implement strategies for developing higher quality software that are measurable and repeatable.

The motivators for improved quality are generally to reduce bugs in the...

What do Tom Cruise, Airbus and VectorCAST have in common?

Tom Cruise, VectorCAST and Airbus

| By Niroshan Rajadurai | April 16, 2015

We like to tell our customers and prospects that if they’ve flown in the past twenty years, they’ve trusted their life to the VectorCAST automated test platform. In rare instances, however, there...

Automated translation tools sometimes leave the subtleties of language lacking, especially on a  menu.

On the road with Steve Barriault: The Joys of Automated Translations

| By Steve Barriault | April 09, 2015

One of the many tasks you need to accomplish on the road, besides being your own travel agency, nurse and coach (that is, if you don't walk around enough - and in Asia at least,...

Coping with ISO 26262 Changes in the Automotive Space

Coping with ISO 26262 Changes in the Automotive Space

| By Craig Pedersen | March 27, 2015

Most industries move fast, but the automotive space’s pace over the past five years is dizzying. On the software side of the embedded automotive market, the rate of change is also accompanied by equally challenging...

Solutions like the VectorCAST and Simics integration offer organizations an approachable process for developing high quality applications.

Wind River and Vector Software Offer Engineers Continuous Integration and Massively Parallel Testing Capabilities

| By Bill McCaffrey | March 25, 2015

Luck and timing. These are the best intangibles to have when you launch a new software product, and based on the response to the new integration announcement we made at Embedded World 2015...

It's an iconic view of a city that is very much on the forefront of technology developments.

On the Road with Steve Barriault: Mystery City

| By Steve Barriault | March 17, 2015

Sometimes, when you are on the road, you are treated to splendid scenery. Even in the middle of an extremely busy day, I find it important to take a minute or two to admire the...

Vector Software's booth at Embedded World was busy, and we were pleased to see so many partners and make new friends, too.

Embedded World 2015: Embedded Software Testing, Excellent Partners and Team Collaboration for a Great Show

| By Niroshan Rajadurai | March 12, 2015

Every year at Embedded World is successful for us, but this year especially stood out because of the amazing amount of collaboration among the entire Vector Software global team – from marketing to development to...

It's said that Bangalore cools itself off by issuing thunderstorms when the temperature hits 90-95.

On the Road with Steve Barriault: Bangalore, and Change-Based Testing

| By Steve Barriault | March 05, 2015

After many days in Bangalore, I am ready to come back home. Weather here was superb, just like in southern CA. Of course, it is the end of what locals call "winter" - a nice...

The Vector Software booth was busy on day one of Embedded World, looking forward to a great day 2 at the show.

Hello from Embedded World - Day One

| By John Paliotta | February 24, 2015

Today I joined a portion of the Vector EMEA team at the Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. This show always has a great flow of current and prospective customers, and our FAEs did...

CES is the place technology companies show their latest and greatest applications - but what is their plan for embedded software quality?

What’s Your Software Quality Plan?

| By chris hall | February 12, 2015

Highlights from the CES 2015 show in Las Vegas included self-driving cars, smart homes and next-generation electronic wearables. The technologies in these devices contributed to the 2014 Internet of Things (IoT) surge that continues to...

On the Road with Steve Barriault: Keep Going West Until I Hit India

On the Road with Steve Barriault: Keep Going West Until I Hit India

| By Steve Barriault | February 04, 2015

This story starts with a snowstorm. I was supposed to go to Korea and then India last Tuesday. Well, let's just say, it didn't happen. If you want to know why, just take a look...