Jeanne Yue

May 16, 2018

One of the hazards of being a software engineer that I dreaded was changing management tools and software.  Generally, I am perfectly happy with the tool that I already know and am used to.  I know that sometimes the new and shiny tool may improve the overall process in some way but I “know” the prats, pitfalls and quirks of the old tool.  I tend to think of it in the same vein as moving homes.  Sure, the new house may be slightly bigger and newer but you are going to have to pack everything up, make new neighbors, and find a new regular coffee place and market, etc.

Transitioning means needing time to move, time to get used to the new functionalities and abandoning all the effort made to the previous tool, and sometimes the transition doesn’t even stick.  I remember changing three requirements management and bug management software tools in two years in one of my jobs.  Finding old information on how a requirement was met, or how a bug was resolved, or even if it was resolved was like being in The Da Vinci Code

VectorCAST understands these frustrations, after all one of our main goals is to make it easier, faster and more convenient for our customers to get the best version of their product out to the world.  VectorCAST puts a lot of effort into third-party integrations, integrations such as the one with IBM/CLM.

IBM’s Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a set of seamlessly integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) tools that work together as one. Organizations use CLM to manage requirements, plan projects, track changes, and manage quality, all on a single platform.

VectorCAST does not require anyone to change or abandon their management suite to be able to utilize all its full functionality.  The easy to use interface allows engineers to swiftly and intuitively link requirements to test cases, code coverage metrics, pass/fail reports which then can be pushed back to CLM for complete traceability.  All your existing CLM management tools can stay the same, just with all the added benefit of VectorCAST.  I tend to think of it as instead of moving your home, your existing residence is instantly upgraded with more amenities, space, a bigger TV, all without the hassle of packing and changing locations.

Want to learn more about how the VectorCAST test automation platform integrates with ALM tools like IBM CLM? Register for our complimentary webinar How to Integrate Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools with VectorCAST Test Automation.