December 05, 2017

Start with a plan
Software of any nontrivial size is complex, and fully testing every possible combination of inputs and validating the expected outputs is a luxury that few can afford. With a test plan, risk areas can be identified early on, and testing strategies can be identified to mitigate those risks. For example, you may decide that for unit testing, where an individual software function call is the unit under test, it is not necessary to test every value of an integer parameter. Instead you create a test strategy that says tests will be added for the maximum, mid and minimum values. In this way we cut the number of tests from 4,294,967,296 down to just 3. You can easily see that testing every possible combination of values for every parameter for every... Continue reading »

Posted by Jeffrey Fortin in Software Quality

December 01, 2017

Q4 is in full swing! With it comes its share of craziness. That is because some clients may need to proceed with last minute purchases while the yearly budget is in effect. For others, it is planning for next year's budget. Add team expansions, vacations (Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas...) and the development of cross-departmental links between the VectorCAST people and other parts of Vector Informatik in the mix, and it makes for a busy season. Clients need to be met, miles will be accumulated, crazy schedules will be observed. This is the time to show determination and stamina to end things on a good note!

Except that life happens. And that sometimes makes things, well, more sporty than usual.

Posted by Steve Barriault in Journal Entry