September 22, 2017

You ran all of your required tests, and they all passed. But do you know how much of the code was even tested? If the only metric being evaluated is that the tests passed, then it’s possible to come away with the feeling that the product is in good shape and ready to release. But test results alone are often misleading.

Adding additional quality metrics such as test coverage, code complexity, total number of statements, etc. help by providing a more complete quality assessment. These metrics provide real information about your code and your tests.

Posted by Jeffrey Fortin in Embedded Testing

September 22, 2017

Being part of Vector Informatik means that Asia becomes an even more important part of our strategy in the world. Already, my territory has grown tremendously in the last few years, a reflection of the greater weight of the economic tigers that populate the area. It is certainly an exciting place to be these days, sometimes not unlike the Far West of yore - a tad wild, certainly ever-changing, but certainly fascinating and oh so much fun!

But then, getting more clients means expansion for my team, the International Manage Force (IMF). I already talked about how to recruit prospective team members in a... Continue reading »

Posted by Steve Barriault in Journal Entry