June 22, 2017

Jeff Fortin

The waterfall model is a linear and sequential software development method that features distinct goals for each phase of development. In a waterfall development methodology, when one phase is completed, development proceeds to the next phase and so on. Testing is the second to last step in this process, right before deployment. Alarmingly, the unit test process is often skipped in waterfall development because test happens so much later in the process. Developers often move on to integration testing because of time to market pressures. However, considering where defects may be discovered throughout development and where those defects will need to be fixed, when unit testing is skipped all of the advantages of finding defects and fixing them earlier on are lost. If errors are found... Continue reading »

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June 20, 2017

On The Road with Steve Barriault

Guangzhou International Airport

There are some days when technology lets you down. There are some days when humans let you down. Then there are days when both happen at once.

So, I am trekking in Southern China, visiting customers in multiple locations, from multiple industries. Working some magic on VxWorks, Tasking, GCC for MIPS, and others. Complicated cases. Several cities in five days.

Day 4, time to head back to the airport. The airport is in another city, 40-minute ride. Got a cab. Nice ride. Uber-like cell phone app shows the driver the way to the airport. All OK.

Until not.

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June 13, 2017

On The Road with Steve Barriault

I love South Korea, land of people that work hard but play hard too. Just came back from a two-week trip that took me there, in part to speak in front of the MDS Technology Automotive conference (200-300 people in the room), and then to provide some integration services to a good client of ours. This time, the project was an "artificial" satellite (didn't know we were launching "natural" ones! But then, so are the subtleties of Google translate). The system works on RTEMS OS. My first time trying this. It went flawlessly, and to celebrate this feat we went on to a very good Korean BBQ restaurant. Because, you know, this is what one does in Korea: eat well. Not exactly a haven for vegetarians, however, so beware!

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