January 06, 2016

Tear Down Test Silos to Improve Time-to-Market

One of the challenges that all software development groups face is the trade-off between time-to-market and adding new features.  Software is so malleable that it is tempting to make changes right up until the day of release, when we think of one more feature that's too cool to ignore.  The problem with last minute changes is that they almost always have unintended side effects; and so we've all learned over the years that last minute changes are not a good idea.  This results in longer release cycles, once or twice a year, so that we can do full QA on each feature.  The negative of this approach is you have a backlog of all this cool new stuff your developers are building that you cannot get to customers.  How can we improve our time-to-market and not sacrifice quality?  There are two... Continue reading »

Posted by John Paliotta in Software Quality