September 24, 2015

Steve Barriault: Where Am I Now Contest

Well, we got a few entries the last time we did this - and the client that reached out first was rewarded with a nice little (and branded) gift from marketing!

So, let us try this again, shall we?

Where am I now? I need the name of the city. And, like last time, here is a picture. Well, two of them, since they are not exactly perfect.

Not enough?

If you think you know, please write to me, Please put "contest" as the topic.

The answer coming up in a few days.

Good luck!

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September 24, 2015

On the road with Steve Barriault: Dinner time!

After a long day at work struggling to create an RSP integration to a previously unknown target (Xilinx Microblaze, to be exact), it is time to grab something to eat. And of course, abroad that means ordering local fares and respecting local customs. So, the MDS team and I just ordered ourselves barbeque - slabs of meat cooked over fire, with some salt. Mmm.... matchisayo! (Delicious!)

Talking about local customs, if you want to impress your Korean friends, you should insist to pour them their drink by either (1) putting your other hand (the one not holding the bottle) under the bottle while pouring, or (2) put that extra hand near the other one or on your chest. The receiving party does the same thing. It is a way to mark respect, and from what I have been told it... Continue reading »

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September 22, 2015

Andrew Jones, PhD, Research Engineer

Andrew Jones, a former software engineer at a UK aerospace and defense company, used VectorCAST for several projects within the company. He provided us with VectorCAST’s biggest strengths and how the test automation platform helped him and the development team achieve their goals.

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September 11, 2015

Code Coverage and On-Target Testing Evaluation

Last week we spent two days conducting an on-site product evaluation. The client we are working with is a well-known electronics manufacturer that develops and markets devices for mobile, gaming, and music applications

We were able to establish the following core set of goals and metrics:

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September 10, 2015

Vector Software CTO John Paliotta

John Paliotta, CTO of Vector Software, will be speaking at the following conferences this fall. Be sure to attend his presentations if you are going to the following events. If you aren’t attending, check back because we will be publishing John’s conference proceedings here.

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference
World Trade Center Portland
Portland, OR
October 12, 2015 - 1:30 to 2:15 PM 
Presentation: How to Develop High Quality Software

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September 09, 2015

Technology is not always the answer

We are at the point in human evolution where most people think that computer technology is the answer to every problem, even problems that don't exist.  Every morning I stop at the coffee shop next to our office for an iced tea.  This is a super busy store and the morning crew is really efficient.  Last week they installed some new technology for drink orders that has slowed the counter service to a crawl.  Normally there are two people at the cash registers, and four people making drinks.  Previously the four people making drinks would take the order of someone in line and make their drink, most often you had your drink before you got to the cash register, and just paid and left.  The "drink people" were always operating at full capacity.  Now the four "drink people" stand looking at... Continue reading »

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