On the road with Steve Barriault: Asia's Breakfast of Choice!

Steve Barriault

November 04, 2015

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In my experience, it is also the most difficult to find too, Fact is, we are all accustomed to a certain style of breakfast, and when we just get up, we aren't necessarily ready to adopt radically different foods to get going.

But to every rule, there is an exception. Why go to a hotel dining hall and pay $15, $20 and sometimes more for a breakfast buffet with oily bacon strips and dried bread when you can walk outside and find yourself a small restaurant with dumplings steaming? And then sit down on a table on the side of the road with spices and vinegar, a pair of chopsticks and revel in the taste of pork and garlic?

Delicious! And cheap to boot too! In China, that would set you back about $1 for 8-10 dumplings. In Korea, you can have bulgogi or even kimchi dumplings for less than $3. Yum.


After a healthy (and hearty!) breakfast, time to go to work. On this trip, I visited a few clients in Automotive. I found out that a major European automaker (and one of the most premier too) was using our tools quite effectively and was looking forward to expanding usage. It may be not critical software in their case, but when it fails, it makes the brand look bad. And for their business, brand is very important. They were pretty happy to learn about our change-based testing and number of new and upcoming capabilities too (because that will let them attain superior quality and reduce cost).

At the end of most of the days, I chose to reduce my carbon footprint and take the metro back to the hotel. Chinese really love being with each other, which is certainly why they can fit so many people in stairways and wagons.