On The Road With Steve Barriault: Going Local In A Jungle

Steve Barriault

June 17, 2015

I made it to Hong Kong. It involved a delayed flight inbound to Shenzhen, a few thunderstorms (more like water bombs, really) to make everything and everyone soaking wet, and some efforts to tell a taxi driver where my hotel was, but... overall, worth the trip! Pretty impressive skyline. Just like a jungle of buildings.

Now, jungle also applies to something else in Hong Kong: the heat. Hot and humid. I feel like a steamed dumpling! But then, I asked for it, since I went to a nice (and tasty) outside restaurant, and asked them to spice it up. Hummm yummy!

Next time you are in Sha Tin, go to Chan Kun Kee and ask for the beef with onions and peppers. Your taste buds will thank you for it. And a cold bottle of beer (or whatever you fancy) may serve as a personal cooling unit.

Hong Kong is one of the leading financial places on the planet. Not exactly the "traditional" customers for unit testing or code coverage. But it is changing pretty quickly. We have clients in the industry that start inquiring how to improve quality through testing. People in mobile applications have clients requesting audits. White goods companies choose to invest in testing tools. Their software may not have the power to kill, but they can certainly lose their owner's reputation in no time.

But for them, perfection can sometimes be the ennemy of the good. Quick testing, albeit not complete, helps them get started. And then, their testing objectives can be increased progressively, while always pursuing a high level of automation. You cannot pursue software quality if it costs you too dearly.

Vector has plenty of innovations coming down the pipeline that will make it even more efficient to pursue top software quality. For every industry. That means my team and I will likely be busy!

Alright, time to continue the odyssey, first to Korea (hopefully, to cool down a bit) and then to India (good luck with cooling down there!).