June 25, 2015

Testing with an RTOS API

In his article "Testing code that uses an RTOS API", author Colin Walls presents a proposal for unit testing code that is designed to run in a real-time embedded operating system (RTOS). In a nutshell, Walls proposes that the embedded app should be cross-compiled for the desktop and unit tested against a test harness comprised of a stubbed version of the RTOS library that would, for many cases, “appear to respond just like the OS.” This would then allow testing earlier in the development process without the need to finalize software or hardware. 

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June 17, 2015

On The Road With Steve Barriault: Going Local In A Jungle

I made it to Hong Kong. It involved a delayed flight inbound to Shenzhen, a few thunderstorms (more like water bombs, really) to make everything and everyone soaking wet, and some efforts to tell a taxi driver where my hotel was, but... overall, worth the trip! Pretty impressive skyline. Just like a jungle of buildings.

Now, jungle also applies to something else in Hong Kong: the heat. Hot and humid. I feel like a steamed dumpling! But then, I asked for it, since I went to a nice (and tasty) outside restaurant, and asked them to spice it up. Hummm yummy!

Next time you are in Sha Tin, go to Chan Kun Kee and ask for the beef with onions and peppers. Your taste buds will thank you for it. And a cold bottle of beer (or whatever you fancy) may serve as a personal cooling unit... Continue reading »

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June 15, 2015

On The Road With Steve Barriault

People in the office know that I appreciate good food. And the road certainly gives me the opportunity to expand my culinary horizons.

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June 09, 2015

Using 'Master Specifications' for Requirements Variability

Polarion and Vector Software team together in this introductory webinar, where you will learn how the definition of variability in software product lines represents a key to mass customization efficiency.

Learn how being agile while meeting your customer’s needs can differentiate your business and keep you ahead of your competitors as you develop, test and deploy moreefficiently.

Seize this opportunity to learn the benefits of Functional Variability and Cost Saving Testing methods to meet your customer demands so you can outpace your competition 

without compromising quality or functionality.

The webinar is free and registration is still open.

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