April 27, 2015

How to Use Test Coverage to Raise Release Quality

We continuously work with customers to help them implement strategies for developing higher quality software that are measurable and repeatable.

The motivators for improved quality are generally to reduce bugs in the field and lower overall support costs.

A key element of the VectorCAST approach to quality is measuring testing completeness with code coverage analysis.

I spent some time this week with a global telecom customer.  We are working with their DevOps team to design customized workflows that are based on VectorCAST and will enable them to reduce time to market and increase release quality. The... Continue reading »

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April 16, 2015

What do Tom Cruise, Airbus and VectorCAST have in common?

We like to tell our customers and prospects that if they’ve flown in the past twenty years, they’ve trusted their life to the VectorCAST automated test platform. In rare instances, however, there are passengers that actually choose to make their flight much more risky than the typical traveler would select. Actor Tom Cruise is one of those people — in his upcoming film “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”, he dangles off the door of an Airbus A400M Atlas turboprop aircraft as it takes off. In an industry known for using “green screens” and relying on special effects to create these sorts of stunts, Cruise is decidedly old school in this respect, and the risks were considerable to pull off... Continue reading »

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April 09, 2015

Automated translation tools sometimes leave the subtleties of language lacking, especially on a  menu.

One of the many tasks you need to accomplish on the road, besides being your own travel agency, nurse and coach (that is, if you don't walk around enough - and in Asia at least, usually you do), you also need to figure out a way to keep yourself fed. And that can sometimes be a challenge when you don't really understand the language (or you just know enough words to make people smile, and no more).

It can lead to very funny situations. You order food that you think you know, only to find out it is something completely different. And there are the translations that are, well... special. 

Posted by Steve Barriault in Journal Entry