Global Services Director Vance Hilderman to lead “Applied DO-178C” Avionics Certification Training Course


September 26, 2014

Engineering DO-178C software has a reputation for being costly, time consuming, and complex. Learn how you can minimize costs, and maximize benefits from Vector Software’s Global Services Director and recognized aviation software expert, Vance Hilderman, at the upcoming “Applied DO-178C” Avionics Certification Training Course.

At the course, you will learn about:

  •  Avoiding common DO-178C mistakes
  •  Leading DO-178C and DO-254 best practices
  •  DO-178C tool qualification – with a case study
  • Leveraging software reusability
  • Reducing  DO-178C complexity, risk,  and costs
  • Identifying and applying dedicated DO-178C tools

The course is being held October 15-16, 2014, in London, UK. This 2-day training is intended for persons with basic familiarity of DO-178B or safety-critical standards. Get the true intent of DO-178C and how to apply changes from DO-178B at this fast-paced course!

To register for this course, or to learn more, please see the “Applied DO-178C” Avionics Certification Training Course web page.