How VectorCAST Automates Google’s Best Software Test Practices

Bill McCaffrey

May 21, 2014

The Google™ Corporation is the juggernaut of the internet age. When your flagship product is both a verb and a term for internet search, it’s obvious that you know what you are doing. The world’s foremost search engine and application developer requires rigorous software testing, typical of the entrepreneurial spirit of Google, their test process is the result of a relentless push to drive bugs and incomplete testing out of their software.

The process by which Google achieved the high-quality software it currently delivers is documented in a book called How Google Tests Software. If you’re a software developer, or interested in how a large organization can develop a culture driven by best practices, reading this book is time well spent. The best practices outlined in the book address how to approach software testing, the critical path to achieving software quality, and where software testing ranks within the overall development process. Most organizations don’t have the bandwidth to develop an automated test process like Google, but they can easily implement the VectorCAST test solution to achieve the same results, including the ability to leverage these tool features:

  • Automatic test code built for all interfaces
  • Point-and-click custom test case building
  • Dashboard reporting for test and coverage status
  • Change-Based Testing (CBT) to support continuous integration

For a complete description of how the VectorCAST tools can be used in a Google-like workflow, read our latest white paper, Test like Google with VectorCAST.

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