What are the Secrets to Designing Testable Software?

Ryan Lavering

November 04, 2013

Please join me on December 5, 2013, where I will be presenting the “Secrets to Designing Testable Software”. This monthly on-line customer training* is based on customer feedback I've been collecting over the past few months on this important subject. These secrets form the foundation for best practices, and help ensure that your organization is engineering robust software applications. 

Some of the subjects I’ll address in this customer training include:

  • Designing requirements with testing in mind.
  • Separating control and data flow for clear, concise tests.
  • Coding with an eye toward cyclomatic complexity.
  • Writing unit-testable low-level code.

You can register for this training class here: https://www.vectorcast.com/news/vector-software-webinars/2013/secrets-designing-testable-software

*Don’t be put off by the term “training webinar”. This class is open to anyone interested in this important subject, since this topic is relevant to any software development professional that wants to make their testing easier, more painless, and smoother.