Vector Software at STAREast

Lynda Gaines

May 07, 2013

Last week I attended STAREast in Orlando Florida. I was a guest of Polarion, who was exhibiting at the show. This show is focused on software testing, so the audience was a mix of QA and software folks from all industries and all types of applications, including GUI, embedded and mainframe applications. The show draws attendees from all over the world.

We announced the strategic partnership with Polarion at DESIGN West the week before and look forward to working more closely with them from both a technical and marketing perspective. Polarion provides Application Lifecycle Management tools that track all the software development artifacts from requirements management to release planning, including test management, and allows traceability across it all.

We were all impressed by the depth of knowledge of the show attendees. Everyone who came by the booth had a good understanding of software testing, the importance of having good requirements, and had a goal in mind for moving their organization forward. Many of the folks were looking for better test management and test automation, so both VectorCAST and Polarion were a good fit for them.