Regression Testing and Test Repeatability

Lynda Gaines

January 16, 2012

I visited two railway customers last week who are working towards compliance with EN 50128 – the development standard for software for railway control and protection systems. VectorCAST maps well onto the requirements of this safety standard, especially in the area of dynamic analysis and testing, which is highly recommended regardless of safety integrity level (SIL). Regression testing and test repeatability are important topics for both of these companies and VectorCAST/Manage is a good fit in each case. It allows them to automate the re-running of their test suite on a nightly basis. And as is true in many industries these days, there is a lot of reuse of code across multiple projects/customer implementations, and VectorCAST/Manage is well suited to help with exactly that – grouping tests into test suites that can then be easily configured for different code baselines by VectorCAST/Manage. My first business trip for 2012 was uneventful from a travel perspective. The weather here in New England, as in much of the country, is unseasonably warm. It makes for great travel in the winter months, but I wonder what the payback will be. Will we have all our winter jammed into a single few weeks? Will we not have a winter at all and pay the price all year long with the ramifications (bugs, rain, allergies)? I guess we will all find out together. Happy New Year!