News: Vector Software Expands Support for IAR Systems Embedded Workbench

Michael Rielly

August 02, 2011

Providence, RI -- [via] - Vector Software, the leading provider of dynamic software test tools for embedded systems, has integrated the VectorCAST tool suite with the newest version of the IAR Systems Embedded Workbench. The VectorCAST integration enables out-of-the-box testing of real-time applications. Using J-Link, VectorCAST users can easily migrate projects developed on IAR’s KickStart Kits to production boards.

“VectorCAST is the premier dynamic software analysis tool for embedded applications,” commented Mats Ullström, Product Director of IAR Systems. “We are very pleased that our partner, Vector Software, is adding enhanced testing support for IAR Embedded Workbench.”

This latest VectorCAST integration supports testing software directly on-target or with the instruction set simulator (C-SPY) for Amtel (ARM, AVR), Texas Instruments (MSP430), Renesas (M16C, M32C, 78K), and Silicon Laboratories (8051).

“Typically our customers are building software applications to support the requirements of the highest level of safety critical development, such as, Railway (CENELEC), Automotive (ISO 26262), Industrial Automation (IEC 61508) or Medical Devices (FDA/IEC 62304),” added William McCaffrey, COO of Vector Software. “Testing these applications requires that the source code under test remains unmodified. VectorCAST supports this testing by using the original unchanged object files during unit and integration test.”