September 08, 2010

Why Code Coverage is Necessary

Before you submit your final code for certification, how confident are you that you have completely exercised the application under all situations? Did your final tests only run the application under a best-case scenario? Niro has a great post on the benefits of Code Coverage. As Niro points out, one of the challenges developers have is knowing when their software meets a sufficient level of quality so that it is ready to ship to customers. But the only way to ensure that your software will not contain any defects is to test it.

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September 06, 2010

Airlines Are Cutting Costs With Automated C Unit Testing

VectorCAST has been getting mentioned a lot lately. All good of course! :D Here's the latest one. In a PR Carbon article entitled, Airlines Are Cutting Costs With Automated C Unit Testing, VectorCAST was identified as the standard used by leading aerospace companies for software quality and testing on safety and critical applications.

Airlines Are Cutting Costs With Automated C Unit Testing Both airports and airlines are facing rising costs and revenue growth constraints. There is now an increased push within the airline industry toward cutting... Continue reading »

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September 03, 2010

Our VectorCAST YouTube channel is now online!

Well, as I mentioned in our inaugural post this week, expect to start seeing a lot new things around here. :D Check out the VectorCAST YouTube channel!

Here's our first video posted on YouTube. Look for more videos coming soon!

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September 02, 2010

Software Testing without Requirements

Are you doing embedded software testing on the fly and without requirements? Software Testing Times posted an article this month on software testing without requirements. The article discusses some common risks and issues developers face while testing software without requirements and how outlines alternative ways of testing.

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September 01, 2010

Welcome to Automated Software Testing!

Welcome everyone to the inaugural posting of Automated Software Testing -- the Vector Software Blog!

The Automated Software Testing blog is one of the first of many new things you will begin seeing at Vector Software and I am very happy to be writing the inaugural post! :D

Our blog's mission is simple; to generate thought and discussion around dynamic software analysis. Here you will find discussion on software unit testing, integration testing, and code coverage; as well as technology and industry trends, news and information.

Our bloggers are experts in their field. Embedded software testing is their passion! It's in their DNA. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of our employees are engineers. Even our sales people have engineering degrees. I invite you... Continue reading »

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