November 08, 2010

Featured Video: Wind River Workbench

This week’s Featured Video provides an overview of using VectorCAST with the Wind River Workbench Tool Chain. VectorCAST/RSP for Wind River allows you to execute test cases both on a physical target or using the VxSim or WindISS Simulators.

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November 05, 2010

A Trek to Singapore

I traveled to Singapore this week to attend a few meetings and conduct some training. Since it is rather far from the US, I managed to spend an extra day here. I took this opportunity to swim in the sea nearby. The Changi Beach Park is quite nice. Next, a visit downtown for some shopping in Chinatown and the Marina.

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November 01, 2010

Featured Video: Real Time Embedded Linux Operating Systems

This week's Featured Video provides an overview of using VectorCAST with a variety of embedded Linux operating systems. VectorCAST/RSP for embedded Linux supports the branded Linux Real Time Operating Systems from LynxOS, MontaVista, PikeOS, and QNX. This overview will demonstrate using LynxOS varient for 178B.

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October 27, 2010

Customers are the greatest source of new ideas

I spent two weeks in India visiting clients and prospects. Clients came from a number of industries like civilian aerospace, automotive and telecom. Lots of auto clients strategizing what to do about ISO 26262. The temperature was comfortable - not too warm, not too humid. It was especially nice in Bangalore, which is located relatively high above sea level. I also saw that the metro system is progressively falling in place. I can't wait to try it - we have several clients in the Bangalore area and traffic is a major issue (Indians will readily confirm this). Based on previous experience, a metro will really help move things along (pun intended). I also took this picture during a... Continue reading »

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October 25, 2010

A Testament to VectorCAST Openness

I visited a long term customer in Toronto this week that has developed a really sophisticated test environment built on top of VectorCAST/Ada, VectorCAST/C++, and multiple different target RSPs. They have been a customer for more than 10 years and have built a really interesting test environment which allows them to automatically run the same tests on a variety of live hardware boards. Their infrastructure provides similar functionality to that provided by... Continue reading »

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October 22, 2010

What NOT to do during test creation

Are there designs that you should avoid using in unit tests? The answer is going to vary depending on your particular source code, but setting up your tests carefully will make them easier to maintain! If you are interested in some examples, James Carr came up with a list of test anti-patterns.

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